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Chroma Pro PS5 Rocket Controller

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The Pro model is the golden mean, the controller is equipped like the Pro Max with design, soft touch coating and ThumbsGear system. The difference is, the controller is equipped with Adaptive Triggers, so this model is suitable for racing games as well as shooter games.

This modded controller from Rocket Games was specially designed and handcrafted for demanding gamers. The Pro Controller for PS5 has four *freely assignable paddles. Alternatively, you can also completely remove the paddles so that you can play with none, two or four paddles! The SWAP Paddles system is newly integrated to adapt your playing style perfectly.

The two ThumbsGear can be modified in height and color and can be exchanged if necessary. The pleasant grip ensures a secure and stable hold, lies comfortably in your hands and ensures a direct feel.

The PS5 Rocket Controller is engineered for the ultimate gaming experience and is fully customizable. So it's ideal for you, whether you're a pro e-sportsman or a demanding leisure gamer. So you can easily optimize your gaming performance, and by adding programmable paddles on the back, nothing stands in your way as a pro gamer. Thanks to the versatile customization options, you can use the Rocket Controller effectively for all your favorite games.

  • Remapping Paddles (Standard Chip)

  • Removable paddles including SWAP system

  • ThumbsGear can be subsequently modified by you in terms of shape and height

Standard scope of delivery:

  • controllers

  • Embroidery Attachments Set with (Convex 2x12mm 1x15mm) and (Concave 2x12mm 1x15mm)

  • 3m USB-C Data Cable (Black)

      Products details
      Front Shell: Chroma
      Front Bar: Black 
      Back Shell: Black Grip
      Rocket Paddle: Black programmable
      Buttons: Matt black
      D Pad: Black matte
      Option buttons: Black matte
      Touch Pad: Chroma
      Ring Buttons: Black
      Stick Base: ThumbsGear Black
      Stick: Thumbs Gear Black
      Triggers: Adaptive

      Chroma Pro PS5 Rocket Controller
      Chroma Pro PS5 Rocket Controller
      Chroma Pro PS5 Rocket Controller