Rocket Games company

Rocket Games is the first professional company in Switzerland specializing in "controller modding" . The Rocket Controller offers you the advantage and personal added value. Rocket Games makes the competition sweat in terms of design and quality.

What does the company have that other competitors don't?

Rocket Games explicitly seeks contact with customers, we do this through the show room. Here you can test the controllers and learn all about the modifications. The MegaGrip Stick attachment, for example, was created as a result of customer feedback.

Where are the parts made?

Rocket Games designs and paints most of the original controller components such as the front, back, front bar and buttons themselves. The back shell with the grip is special, it is made by hand, the soft touch paint is specially made for Rocket Games in Switzerland.

How does Rocket Games handle repairs?

Rocket Gamers always tries to do repairs as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot carry out any repairs during the Christmas period or Back Friday week.

What does the future of Rocket Games look like?

We always try to make the impossible possible to improve the gameplay. An example is the Ultimate Grip, we had to test for a long time to get the quality and design the way we imagined it.