PowerPay is a so-called payment service provider that online shops can use to process purchases on account. So if you choose the purchase on account via PowerPay as the payment method when shopping online , you do not have to transfer the invoice amount to the online shop, but to PowerPay .

How does purchase on account via PowerPay work?

  1. Add item to cart
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Select PowerPay purchase on account as payment option (no additional registration required)
  4. complete Order
  5. You will receive the invoice (depending on the respective shop) by e-mail or with the ordered goods.
  6. Transfer the invoice amount to PowerPay within the payment period.
  7. Ready

Conditions for maximum amount, payment terms, fees and dunning

At PowerPay there is no fixed maximum amount up to which customers can use purchase on account. An individual credit limit is set for each customer, which depends primarily on their creditworthiness. With further purchases, this is then increasingly dependent on your own payment history with PowerPay. If you have always paid bills on time in the past and no other bills are currently open, the credit limit is slightly higher. This applies across shops to all orders for which purchase on account via PowerPay has been selected. So if you have open PowerPay invoices from one shop, the purchase limit when paying via PowerPay is also reduced accordingly in other shops.

Depending on the shop, you will first receive an e-mail (after the order has been dispatched). Individual invoice to be paid within the period specified on the invoice (e.g. 10 days). If this is not paid on time, you will receive one in the post in the following month Monthly invoice , which is then due by the end of the month. For every bill there is one administration fee from CHF 2.90.

Basically, you can also use any invoice in flexible partial amounts pay. The minimum amount is stated on the current invoice and is 10% of the currently open amount. This applies to amounts below CHF 500.00. For larger open amounts, the entire outstanding amount must be repaid in a maximum of three monthly payments. If you use the installment option, annual interest of 12% will be added to the monthly administration fee for the monthly statement (CHF 2.90).

If the minimum amount specified in the monthly statement for partial payment is not paid on time, you will receive a reminder that is quite high dunning fees . This is CHF 15.00 for the first reminder, CHF 25.00 for the second reminder and CHF 35.00 for the third reminder.