Warranty for modified controllers

The following components of the goods are covered by the 2-year guarantee:

  1. Paint on the controller
  2. Buttons on the controller
  3. Smart triggers
  4. Smart Pumpers
  5. Rocket Sticks excluded from warranty (The controller stick drift is up to 90 days covered by manufacturer's warranty from the day of delivery)
  6. Rocket Paddles 
  7. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage or damage caused by incorrect use of the goods, particularly when the controller is hit, thrown or pressed excessively.

    What is not covered by the warranty and what is excluded from this warranty?

    • “Normal Wear and Tear”: Wear and/or defects resulting from normal use, wear and/or aging.
    • Intentional or negligent damage to the product by the user, such as improper use, dropping, throwing or other misuse of the product.
    • Excessive or unreasonable use of the product, such as: B. commercial use.
    • Using the product near liquids, moisture or chemicals.
    • Modifications or manipulations of the product, such as: B. Attempts to open, disassemble, modify, customize or repair the product yourself.
    • Using the product at extreme temperatures or under extreme conditions.
    • Attempts to charge or charge the Product through electrical outlets and/or connect the Product to faulty power cords or to power cords that exceed the Product's ratings.
    • Electrical damage from power surges, lightning, or other sources external to the product.
    • Scratches, dents or other visual changes to the product or its appearance compared to its original condition.