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Shipping: controller about 10-20 working days / accessories 2-3 days

Nicht Lagernd: Controller ca. 3-5 Werktage / Zubehör 2-3 Tage

AIM Rings by Rocket Games

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Get the edge with Rocket Games Aimrings! Control the sticks even better with the aim rings and prevent them from tearing out!
  • Universal foam shock absorber for analog sticks with a diameter of 7mm
  • Particularly resilient high-tech foam
  • Perfect for first-person shooters or car racing games
  • Increases the resistance of the analog sticks and improves movement control and precision

Content as shown:

  • 2x soft rings
  • 2x medium rings
  • 2x hard rings

For PS4, PS5, XBOX, XBOX Series S/X and SWITCH

AIM Rings by Rocket Games