Rocket Force PRO Graffix Pink

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The brand new Rocket Force PRO controller features an innovative paddles system. Featuring the latest SWAP Paddles system, this controller comes with five different paddles, each with a unique shape.

The Force Grip has been specially developed for greater comfort and improved grip. This ergonomic grip provides a slip-free feeling even during long gaming sessions.

The Force Pro version includes:

  • Unique design
  • Force Grip
  • Glass buttons
  • Force Gears system with attachments
  • SWAP Paddles system
  • Digital Triggers & Bumpers
  • Remapping paddles

Included are:

  • Rocket Force PRO Controller
  • 5 paddle variants
  • USB braided cable 3m
  • 2 standard cap
  • 2 caps with high round cap
  • 2 caps with low round cap
  • 2 semicircular back buttons
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